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We are specialists in requesting CAIPS/GCMS files. We have helped thousands of visa applicants from across the world, and look forward to assisting you with your GCMS notes request.

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The official IMM5744 Consent to Disclosure form is mandatory to give your consent to CIC to disclose your CAIPS file to us. You can download the Consent Form here.

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You can check the status of your request using our special tracking feature. Click here to track the status of your order.

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s-tSave Time
Order your forms online instead of receiving them through snail mail

s-tPayment Options
We offer a range of convenient and quick online payment options

We offer attractive discounts to repeat customers

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We use 256 bit SSL encryption to ensure safe and reliable order processing

s-tOder Fulfillment Options
You can download your GCMS file in pdf format or we can mail it to you

You can avail our comprehensive knowledge bank to understand the GCMS file process and factors that affect your application and visa approval process.

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We process orders electronically to hasten the processing speed

s-tOrder Tracking
You can track the status of your order using our online tracking feature

We have been in this field for over a decade, since 2002

Request CAIPS / GCMS to:

s-tTrack Your Immigration

Get access to your GCMS files periodically to ascertain the status of your application and figure out why the immigration process is taking time.

s-tUnderstand Refusal

If your application is refused, the GCMS file will give you complete details from an immigration officer for the refusal. This will help you address the concerns raised and re-apply.

s-tCalculate Days in

Get information from CBSA to help you reconstruct the time spent outside Canada when applying for PR card extension or citizenship.

s-tEnsure That No Error
is Made

Sometimes, immigration officers can make mistakes. Requesting your GCMS file will help you check for mistakes, if any, and ensure they get rectified.

s-tGet Prepared for
Upcoming Step

Find all the answers, including potential questions during the interview process and which documents are more important among the additional information requested by the immigration official.

s-tCheck for

Sometimes, correspondence from the visa officer can be missed. Ensure you are not a victim to missed communication by requesting your GCMS file.

Assistance with CAIPS / GCMS 

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