What are CAIPS and GCMS?

CAIPS or Computer Assisted Immigration Process System is used to process visa applications outside Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada uses the system to input data from immigrant and visitor visa applications and supporting documentation, student and employment authorizations, and returning residence permits.

However, CAIPS is no longer used, as Canadian embassies and consulates are now using Global Case Management System (GCMS) to track new applications. This system was introduced in 2010 and now all Canadian embassies and consulates use it. GCMS is short for ‘Global Case Management System’, which is the computer system that IRCC officers use to process all immigration and visa applications.

Both CAIPS and GCMS contain valuable information related to the processing of your visa application, whether it is temporary resident application (visitors, work permit, student etc.) or PR application.

Why Getting Your CAIPS or GCMS Notes is Important?

Getting a copy of your CAIPS or GCMS notes can be important if:

Know the current status on your application

Read the notes that immigration officer enters in the computer system regarding your application

Understand how your application was interpreted by the immigration officer

Understand the reasons as to why your application was refused

Know the reasons why an interview is requested

To acquire the copies of the documents submitted in your application

Get the access to the forms that were submitted in your application

Get prepared for upcoming steps and procedures

Assure there were no errors when application was submitted

Did you miss some communication? Find out the missed communication

Calculate the days you stayed in Canada to assist you in PR extension or Citizenship application

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