Click Here to Download the Consent Form

Follow these instructions before placing the order

  1. Download the Consent form – Click here to download the Consent Form
  2. Fill in the form using the instructions provided below, sign and scan it. Make sure you scan the document in pdf or image format and file size is less than 2mb
  3. Keep your passport, refusal letter and signed consent form ready with you before placing the order
  4. Place your order, fill in the required information and upload the above mentioned three files – Passport bio-data page, refusal letter and signed consent form

Guidelines to fill in the Consent form

Section 2

Provide your Family name, Given name and date of birth as specified in travel document (e.g. passport)

Sign the form with blue pen and mention the date. The signature should be the same as your travel document (e.g. passport)

Section 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3

Fill in this section if you wish to acquire information / documents for your family member as well who was included in your application. Please note, if a separate application was submitted for your family member, then they need to fill a separate Consent form as they are considered Applicant and not a family member in same application.