CAIPS stands for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System. This system is used by the Canadian immigration authorities to process visa applications. As a part of the electronic data processing system, CAIPS helps the authorities to collate information about each applicant.

There are two sub-systems within the electronic data processing system that applicants need to be aware of. These are CAIPS and FOSS.

CAIPS is used outside Canada to collect information from visa application forms and supporting documents submitted with the form.

FOSS or Field Operational Support System is used within Canada to support immigration operations.

A CAIPS form contains all relevant information about an applicant and gives details about the visa or resident permit status of an individual. However, this has been replaced by GCMS or Global Case Management System, which is now being using by the Canadian immigration authorities to process visa and resident permit applications.

You should request for your CAIP/GCMS Notes under the following circumstances:

  • You have recently submitted your application with supporting documentation but have not received your Acknowledgement of Receipt. However, the Notes may be blank if your data has not been fed into the system.
  • You have received your Acknowledgement of Receipt. This will give you information about the date of your formal assessment or whether you have received an interview waiver.
  • You have received a notification about attending an interview. Your CAIPS/GCMS Notes will give you clear idea why the authorities felt it was necessary to interview you.
  • You have passed the medical examination and have paid the Right of Landing Fee. If there are delays after these procedures, your CAIPS/GCMS file will provide information on completion of security check or if any step is pending to complete the process.

Your CAIPS/GCMS file is sent from Ottawa, Canada. It is a computer printout that contains the immigration officer’s notes, points calculation and program assistant’s notes among other. Click here to see a sample of the CAIPS/GCMS file.

You can request your CAIPS/GCMS file without a file number as long as you make the request with your full name, date of birth and the visa office where you submitted the application.

When you submit the application, you receive an official receipt. It will have the Application Number, which will begin with a letter followed by a combination of nine numbers and letters.

CAIPS/GCMS file can be requested for any visa office since the file request is carried out by the immigration office based in Ottawa, Canada and not by the local visa office.

You can get your CAIPS/GCMS file four to five weeks after submitting your application and supporting documentation. The Canadian immigration office in Ottawa, Canada has to report to your request within 30 working days. On rare occasions, the request may take longer than 30 days.

In case the deadline fall on a holiday or weekend, the due date is shifted to the next business day. It is prudent to remember that Citizenship and Immigration Canada processes a large volume of requests and this can cause delays in the due date.

It takes a minimum of 30 days to complete the request. It can take longer if Citizenship and Immigration Canada has to get the required information from its overseas office.

No, the processing of your application will not be affected if you request your CAIPS/GCMS file. On the contrary, this request can resolve discrepancies in the CAIPS Notes and facilitate smooth processing of your visa application.

Yes, you may use our services to get your CAIPS/GCMS Notes, Entire File and Additional Services. These requests are processed by a different office and handled independently of the visa application.

After receiving the application details, consent form and payment, your request is submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In case you decide to cancel the order with 45 day of making the payment and your request has not been submitted to the immigration authorities, we will refund the processing fee in accordance to our Terms and Conditions. However, if we have already submitted your request, we will be unable to refund your money.

You are not entitled to a refund if the immigration authorities deny your request. You will also not be eligible for a refund due to processing delays and circumstances that are beyond our control.

During the refund process, transaction fees will be deducted.

To learn more about our Refund Policy, please contact us.

If UCI number is lost or unavailable then you have to provide us following information as it was submitted in your application:

  • Full Name, Date of Birth, Application submitted Date, Visa office where it was submitted, Category applied for, any other communication details with CIC or Consulates.
  • Provide the same details for your family members as well if their application was submitted along with yours.
  • We could try to get your CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS with above details.

You can pay us through debit card via secured online payment portal Paypal. In case if you are unable to pay online you can email us to get alternative means for payment

Yes, we have special packages available for the agents. Send us an email at to discuss further.

You could acquire documents checklist by downloading the ‘Application Kit’. Any additional documents needed would be requested to you through email. Additionally, you can submit case related important documents through email, specially if you are taking our interpretation service.


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