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  • CAIPS is ‘Computer assisted Immigration Processing System’.
  • It is a Computer System which was used by all Canadian Visa Offices/Consulates to process VISA applications.
  • It is a computerized record of all visa applications made by an applicant.
  • It contains various processing stages of your visa application and the notes entered by the immigration officer.
  • If an interview was held, then it also contains the transcripts of all your Canadian visa interviews.
  • It is now replaced by GCMS.


  • FOSS is ‘Field Operations Support System’.
  • FOSS is the computer system historically used by immigration offices within Canada. CBSA offices also used it at all Canadian Port of Entries like Airports, Land Borders or Sea-Ports.
  • It was used to track all immigration-related information of an applicant.
  • If interview was held, then it also contains that information.
  • It is now replaced by GCMS.


  • GCMS is ‘Global Case Management System’.
  • It is a newer version of CAIPS and FOSS that IRCC are rolling out across their offices.
  • Being practiced from June 2010, all new visa files are processed through the GCMS
  • Each Visa Applicant is allotted a unique Client ID which never changes irrespective of how many times or types of Canadian Visa applications they submit.
  • With GCMS and a Unique Client ID, immigration information, historic or current is available to IRCC and CBSA anywhere in the world.

To get information on the processing of your Canadian permanent resident application, the best resort will be your CAIPS/GCMS file. Make sure to not consider CAIPS/GCMS same as “Client Application Status” as e-client provides limited information on the status of your application which is not the case with CAIPS/GCMS.

You can consider and request for a CAIPS/GCMS file in case of the following applications:

  • Immigration
  • Work permit
  • Parents PR sponsorship
  • Spousal application
  • Student Visa
  • Visitor Visa / Temporary Resident Visa
  • Temporary Worker Visa


How to proceed?

If you are looking forward to get assistance from us to avail the CAIPS/GCMS Notes, nominal charge has to be borne that involves:

  • Processing Fee
  • Fee to submit the request to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada)
  • Online delivery of the file to the respective client
  • Discount on repeat orders
  • Order Tracking


What should be done?

Before you proceed to place an order, download the Application Kit here (Click here to download Application Kit)

Three simple steps to be followed here to request your CAIPS/GCMS Notes:
Step 1: Download Application Kit and Fill it in
Step 2: Click on ‘Order Now” button on the top right corner
Step 3: Pay and upload the documents

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